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Susan Warner

Susan is an experienced College Counselor, who has had a successful career of advising and guiding students and their families as they navigate the college application process. 

As a journalist with a BS in journalism from Boston University, and a Masters Certificate in College Counseling from UC/San Diego, Susan understands the dynamics and importance of the entire application process, particularly, the essays and supplements.  Colleges are stressing the importance of a well prepared and well presented application, to distinguish a student in this very competitive and complicated college world.   She hears a student’s voice and help them develop the best possible application that gives a college the mirror into the student’s personality and accomplishments.  She has been an independent college counselor for fourteen years, running the gamut from Ivy League Schools to Large State Universities and Small Liberal Arts Colleges.  She understand the value of a well-presented application on every level of student achievement.   

As a trained freelance writer and journalist, she has found her niche assisting students in developing their application essays and editing with them. She helps the student identify choices, develop essays with creativity and uniqueness, prepare the applications, interview and develop supplements.  She has also had experience with transfer applications, foreign students, students with disabilities and their intricacies.  She is the parent of a son who attended the University of Michigan (’08) and a daughter who graduated the University of Pennsylvania. (’12).