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Susan Warner

I am an educator, wife and mother. My journey is a perfect example of life’s contradictions.  A storybook marriage of 38 years and two magnificent children, I existed in the comfort of an extraordinary cocoon of family and friends. Enter the devastating suicide of my 34-year-old son and then the subsequent death of my husband 6 months later of a virulent cancer in an eight-week diagnosis to death, my story is of acceptance, pushing on and not being defined by social emotional norms.  I am living my best life, making choices that define my “right turn” after my catastrophic loss, and characterizing a journey to self-actualization and a commitment to help others who have experienced loss. 

I am on a coaching and motivational journey to share my story and experience with anyone who has suffered loss and share my philosophy of moving “forward,” but not “moving on.”  

Media Appearances

Listen to Susan as she shares her story as part of her coaching and motivational journey to help those who have suffered loss throught her philosophy of moving "forward," but not "moving on."