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Episode 3 – Take Control Of Your Social Life

If you want to start dating in the digital age then consider embracing online dating apps. After persuasion from her daughter, Susan Warner signed up almost two years after her husband died. Although it wasn’t her move of choice, she understood the nuances and importance of dating online. You may get a few friends who are willing to make introductions, however, it will be difficult to depend on that to fill your social calendar.

The good news is that dating apps will give you the opportunity to explore a diverse group of potential matches. You will also be able to find possible partners who are interested in the things that are important to you. There will be eligible men to choose from, if you identify your own priorities and assess your desires. 

The apps are designed for singles to explore and have fun. Attitude is everything. You should embrace the process. Susan gives you the details that you need to know in this episode. All you have to do is click on.

Susan is Suddenly Single
Susan is Suddenly Single
Episode 3 - Take Control Of Your Social Life