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Episode 25 – A Partner, A Baby, And A Book

Susan Warner is living a fulfilled life through growth and circumstance. She just became the grandmother to a precious little girl who I know will be the source of much joy ahead. She also just completed her first non-fiction book, Never Say Never, Never Say Always, about re-discovering herself after the devastating loss of both her son, and then her husband six years ago. The campaign to promote the book is going to be an entirely new adventure for her. 

One would think that Susan is now joyful all the time now that her life is newly complete.  Susan explains what truths actually appear regarding happiness, sadness and life in general.  Her adult life has changed so much, and she is determined to live in the here and now while being very introspective. Let’s find out what all that means and compare our philosophies of life to that.

Susan is Suddenly Single
Susan is Suddenly Single
Episode 25 - A Partner, A Baby, And A Book