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Episode 26 – Winston

The one being that has constantly been at Susan Warner’s side since her son David, and then her husband Michael, died six years ago, is her handsome Scottish Terrier, Winston. Everyone who owns a dog knows the irreplaceable comfort that a dog brings on a daily basis. When crises strikes, their companionship is irreplaceable. Pets represent normalcy, consistency, devotion, tender love, no judgement and loyalty.

Susan’s upcoming book, “Never Say Never, Never Say Always,” will devote a chapter to Winston because he holds a very special place in her life and recovery. He could probably tell us secrets about Susan no one knows. Winston is a major part of Susan’s return to normalcy and a major part of her heart. Everyone who meets Winston knows he deserves so much credit. This podcast is devoted to him.

Susan is Suddenly Single
Susan is Suddenly Single
Episode 26 - Winston