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Episode 30 – Sex and the Senior Girl

Everyone is afraid to ask Susan Warner what it’s like to be with a man after she was in a storybook marriage for 38 years. I decided to ask her that question in this podcast for all the respectful book and lifestyle writers who are interviewing Susan since the release of her memoir “Never Say Never, Never Say Always… Always…Love, Loss, and Loving Again” (The Three Tomatoes Publishing). It’s a valid question considering her book is all about how she survived the catastrophic loss of her 32-year-old son to suicide six years ago and then six months later the death of her husband to a virulent cancer eight weeks after his diagnosis. 

Yet Susan has been living a full, happy life for the last several years, especially since her daughter gave birth to her first grandchild almost a year ago. This podcast is all about how to make choices. To those who know her it’s not surprising that she leads a satisfying existence whether she’s married or single. She believes in creating happiness, not looking for it.

Susan’s book “Never Say Never, Never Say Always” is available now on

Susan is Suddenly Single
Episode 30 - Sex and the Senior Girl